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Without A Voice

Without A Voice is a ministry with a heart to see modern day slavery eradicated and lives set free through Jesus Christ. We are focusing on dealing with human trafficking, and other social issues that are associated with this topic.

In the future W.A.V. seeks to operate in these five areas: 

  • Prevention is reducing the risk of vulnerable individuals to get caught up in human trafficking by offering programs, connecting and building relationship. The methods are designed for anyone to be a part of; whether you have a passion for anti-trafficking work or not.  
  • Action is reaching out to the victims of human trafficking. 
  • Recovery is aiding former victims back on their feet through various means. 
  • Lobbying is changing laws that helps assure fewer, and God willing less victims in the future. 
  • Awareness – educating the public to what human trafficking is/what it looks like.

We’re currently developing the area of prevention; partnering with local churches by offering workshops focused on job skills to at risk communities. Our primary aim is the protection of minors by developing educational skills, social skills and pushing them closer to the gospel through friendship and relationship.

Partnerships are key in order to combat human trafficking. That’s why building a network and strong partnerships is an important part of what we do and this is why we can provide ministry opportunities in all five areas of anti human trafficking.

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