Celebrating Children Workshop

CCW 2015Returning in March, a team from Loom International flew from Portland, USA to Constanța to teach the second half of the excellent "Celebrating Children Workshop" (CCW).  Also returning, although none from so far afield, were most of the participants from the previous course, along with some new eager faces. Youth workers, caregivers and parents all came together to build upon the solid foundation of God’s love for us, and learn new skills to do the same for the children in our care, especially those at risk.

Discipline, training children to walk the right path in the future, provoked some interesting discussion the first week, after which we moved on to the health needs of a child. This time around, we also learned to develop and evaluate programs and to develop ourselves professionally to be more effective in our work.  We all learned a great deal, building friendships on the way and learning from each other’s experiences. The challenge now is to take what we’ve learned, apply it, and teach the course ourselves. Thank you Loom for investing in this region!

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